Choosing the Trailer That’s Right for You

With so many innovative trailers on the market today, it can be difficult to decide which is best for you. You want the best trailer for your money, but you also need to select the right one according to how you plan on using it. Making your selection from a list of high-quality trailers like those at I69 Trailer Center can be even more difficult. 

Here’s how to pick the perfect trailer for your needs.

What Will You Haul with Your Trailer?

Your main factor in your trailer-buying decision should be what you need it for. Will you be transporting livestock or toting around your four-wheeler? Do you need an enclosed hauler, or will an open one work just as well? Ask yourself all the possible ways you’ll use your trailer. For example, you might have an immediate need for something to haul construction materials, but once you build your barn, you might need an entirely different type of trailer. Think big picture, and buy the trailer you can get the most use from.

New or Used? 

At I69 Trailer Center, we deal in used and new haulers. We have a massive inventory and are continuously adding new and used trailers to our collection. When deciding between new and used, your first consideration might be your budget. After all, a used trailer will sell for less than a new trailer. In many cases, used trailers are just as suitable for customers’ needs than new ones. However, a used item may not last as long or may not come with warranties. Take all factors into consideration before deciding between new and used.

Learn the Trailer Types

Car hauler, landscape/utility trailer, hydraulic dump, equipment trailer, deckover trailer, enclosed trailer, custom … there are many options when it comes to your trailer type. Once you identify the primary use of the trailer, select which setup makes the most sense for your needs. For example, you’ll need an enclosed trailer if you’re going to transport livestock. A hydraulic dump trailer, on the other hand, would be right for dumping large or heavy loads of landscaping materials.

So … What Trailer Should You Buy?

Sometimes, there are just too many choices to come to a decision on your own. That’s why establishments like I69 Trailer Center exist – to help customers find and purchase the ideal trailer for their unique needs. We love helping buyers browse our expansive inventory and identify the exact trailer they need. If you aren’t quite sure what kind of hauler you need, we can help. We can even set you up with a custom trailer for your unique needs. Browse our inventory today.