Keep Your Trailer Stored Safely with These Tips

If you own a trailer or are thinking about purchasing one, it’s important to consider how you’ll store the trailer when it’s not in use. Leaving your trailer exposed to the elements or left unattended in a storage area for too long can lead to equipment deterioration and costly repairs or replacements.

Before Storing

Before storing your trailer for an off-season or for an extended time, clean it thoroughly. Depending on the type of trailer you own, you may want to investigate treatment methods to protect the wood of a flatbed trailer or the exterior of a cargo trailer. Regardless of whether you store your trailer indoors or keep it outside, a covering helps keep your trailer ready for use.

A tight-fitting cover can protect your trailer from pest infestation and insect damage. Mice and rats may chew at the trailer’s tires, and insects can build nests in the crevices and exposed areas. Cover your trailer and protect it from pests as best you can.

When storing your trailer indoors such as in a barn, shed, garage, or other building, be sure the location is clean and free from debris. Leave enough room to walk the entire way around the trailer, if space permits. This will allow you to perform routine checks for mice, insects, and water damage. 

Returning Your Trailer to Service

When you are ready to put your trailer back in service, give yourself ample time to check everything. If your trailer features lighting connections or other links to your vehicle, make sure they are working properly before hitting the road. Additionally, the tires should be properly inflated. If the trailer was sitting idle in storage for an extended time, the wheels will more than likely need a top-off. 

If you notice any worrisome wear or signs of damage, have a qualified technician inspect the issue. If you use your trailer for hauling heavy equipment, livestock, goods, or any other valuable cargo, be sure it can handle the load and won’t pose a danger to other drivers. Keep yourself, your trailer, your vehicle, your cargo, and others on the road as safe as possible by properly storing your trailer and inspecting it before every trip.