Safely Haul Your Trailer By Following These Tips

Safety is of the essence on highways everywhere, and with hauling trailers comes great responsibility.
Here are a few tips for safe trailering and towing:
X-Patterns – When hitching your trailer, cross the safety chains from side-to-side in an x-pattern. In the event the hitch somehow loosens, the tongue becomes a cushion of sorts, catching the hitch before it hits the ground. You might lose a bit of control, but it’s a much better predicament to be in compared to dragging it on the asphalt!
 Vehicle and Trailer Maintenance
  • Tires – When your tires are full, they are far more effective regarding fuel economy, tire longevity and safety. If your tires are underinflated or overinflated, you leave yourself susceptible to wear and tear.
  • Components – Whenever you stop, check the security of the hitch, all wiring, and your tires. Be thorough and make sure you test nuts, bolts and connections.
  • Battery – Most electrically operated trailers have a small electrical battery that must be charged manually. Make sure yours is in working order at all stops.
Pack Smart – No matter what you’re putting on the back of your trailer, make sure you pack with consideration. Load heavier items in the center and surround by lighter items to avoid body roll. Also, load heavier items close to the axels. A well-balanced trailer shouldn’t sag, and any problems should be corrected to improve your vehicle’s performance.
Practice Makes Perfect – Get a few miles under your belt before you hit the road. Learn what it feels like to turn under a controlled situation, and make sure to turn left, right and back up (which, as you likely know, can be a challenge!)
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