Trailer Vocab: Know Your Towing Terminology

To the uninformed, buying a trailer can be an overwhelming process filled with buzzwords and industry jargon. Any business can slap a fancy name and a sleek look on a piece of equipment to pass it off as high quality when it’s really a cheap knockoff.
So before shopping for trailers, check out this list of a few popular industry terms, what they mean, and why they actually matter.
Galvanized Metal – After steel or iron is forged, the material is (most commonly) submerged in molten zinc. The end result is protection from corrosion of the materials metallic base, which means the metal components of your trailer will last longer without rust.
Powder Coating – In the same vein as the galvanizing process is powder coating. Rather thank coating with zinc, powder coating is applied as a free-flowing dry powder that’s tougher than conventional paint. The end result is a customized look with corrosion and wear and tear protection.
Steel Deck – The two main options on many trailers are steel deck or wooden deck.
Upgrading to a steel deck is a very popular feature for many trailer owners, as they are far more versatile, last longer, and can handle more wear and tear. 
Tilt Bed – Every different trailer type has it’s own unique function. Tilt beds make loading easy. The incline creates a de facto ramp that allows easy access to walk or drive a machine (depending on capacity) onto the bed. There are both hydraulic and gravity tilts. The bed tilts down naturally with weight on a gravity tilt. The hydraulic tilt uses hydraulics to control tilt.
Low Profile – Two dump trailers options available to consumers are low profile and deckovers. Low profile trailers are built with fenders, are easier to control, and offer great utility for loading and unloading as they are lower to the ground.  A deckover sits atop the wheels, has a greater surface area, and a greater towing capacity.
Fold Flat HD Ramp Gate – One of the more anxiety-inducing elements of trailer ownership is securing the gate. A Fold Flat HD (heavy duty) Ramp Gate locks into place flat on the bed of the trailer. It dramatically increases control, fuel economy, and visibility while allowing you to carry cargo that extends off the back of the trailer with confidence.
Spring Assist Ramp Gate – No need to break your back with a spring assist ramp gate. The mechanism moves easily with two fingers so you can easily raise and lower the gate.
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